In a normal world, 845 horsepower is more than enough, but for Ken Block, that number simply would not cut it.

Two years after the original Mustang Hoonicorn made its debut, Block sent the vehicle back to its designer, Vaughn Gittin, Jr., with the goal in mind of adding even more power.

They say that good things come in pairs, and Gittin granted Block’s request by way of a twin-turbo setup that pushed 21 lbs of boost into the 410 cubic-inch methanol-powered motor.

Block’s vision for the Hoonicorn reboot was to have twin turbos so imposing that the hood could not contain them, and Gittin took his request literally. The exposed, forced-injection setup increased the Hoonicorn”s horsepower capabilities from 845 to 1,400!

Not to be outdone, the second Ken Block Mustang increased its torque output from 720 to 1,250 lb-ft. In addition to the twin turbos, the all-new intake manifold is also exposed, which makes for one aggressive front-end. In regards to the exterior paint job, Gittin and his team kept the same grey-to-black fade as the original, minus a red, white, and blue addition to the hood area. The twin turbos contain drips of patriotic paint, which looks just awesome.

Aside from the gaudy horsepower and torque increases and the red, white, and blue hood, there is not much that differentiates the Mustang Hoonicorn V2 from its predecessor. The accent ratio of the tires increased from 30 to 35, but the second Ken Block Mustang features the same 18” x 10.5” wheels as the V1 edition.

The first Hoonicorn was certainly a tough act to follow, but unlike most sequels, Version 2.0 surpassed the original. The latest Mustang Hoonicorn dazzled auto aficionados at the Ford booth at the 2017 SEMA show and appeared on CJ’s list of Best Mustangs at SEMA for that year.

While most thrill-seekers begin to pump the brakes in their twilight years, Block only gets more extreme as the years go by. There is very little in which Block has not accomplished behind the wheel of a car, but if there is unchartered territory anywhere in the world, the Mustang Hoonicorn would be the perfect vehicle to help him tackle his wildest ambitions!


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