Established in 1911, Benelli is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers. It once manufactured shotguns, although this part of the business is now a separate company.

After an unsuccessful attempt at revival in 1989 backed by Pesaro-based manufacturer Giancarlo Selci, in 1995 Andrea Merloni took charge.

The Tornado Tre 900 super sport bike was launched in 2002, and the TNT, roadster some years later.

Benelli is now part of motor Group Qianjiang, a corporation in Wenling, southeast China. Benelli Q.J. is located in Pesaro, with the same workforce in the same premises as previous proprietor Benelli S.p.A.

Benelli S.p.A. recently forayed into the motorcycle market of India through a joint venture with DSK Group of India based in Pune where DSK holds 51% and benelli S.P.A holds 49% and sold more than 200 high end bikes within the first 4 months of launch. Benelli has launched six models in India, in a wide range of engine displacement and price. Includes the entry level Benelli TNT 25 with a 250 cc single cylinder engine, Benelli TNT 300 with 300cc twin cylinder engine, TNT 600i and 600GT with 600cc four-cylinder motor, TNT 899 with 898cc three-cylinder mill and the flagship TNT R with 1131cc three-cylinder power plant.DSK-Benelli sold over 3000 units in India over 18 months from the start of sales, one third of them being the Inline-four cylinder engine Inline-four engine 600i, making them one of the fastest premium motorcycle selling brands in India.

Benelli also entered the closely guarded Iranian market in 2016 showcasing their bikes at Iran’s IRIB (nikrun motor pasargad) conference center in the capital Tehran.


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